Is your business innovating?

If yes, you may be eligible to claim the Research & Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI). The R&DTI is a program facilitated by the Federal Government to encourage Australian businesses to invest in innovation. Eligible companies can claim a tax offset of up to 43.5% of eligible expenditure (or 43.5c of every $1.00 spent).

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How do I know if my business could claim the R&DTI?

The R&DTI is not industry specific and is open to any company undertaking experiments to develop a new product. There are three eligibility criteria:

  1. be an Australian company*
  2. be undertaking eligible R&D activities, and
  3. have at least $20,000 in eligible R&D expenditure.

* there are some exceptions for overseas entities in certain circumstances.


What expenses can be claimed in the R&DTI program?

Expenditure attributable to eligible R&D activities can be included in a claim. Commonly claimed expenses include:

  • R&D staff salaries & wages
  • R&D contractor fees
  • R&D business overheads such as rent, administration costs, R&D utilities
  • software development
  • formula formulation
  • product testing, and
  • the cost of materials.




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What are eligible R&D activities?

Eligible R&D activities that are conducted in Gold Coast and around Australia may be claimed as part of the R&DTI. Overseas R&D activities are generally not eligible, however, there can be some exceptions where certain conditions can be met. For example, if Australia does not have the right type of climate to test the bonding of materials.

Eligible R&D activities must either be a core activity or a supporting activity. What makes a core or supporting activity eligible and how to articulate your innovation to meet the program guidelines, is where our experienced team can assist.

Reach out to our team of advisory consultants today and find out how our strategic R&D services can help you plan for R&D success.

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