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Keeping up the pace to scale means answering new questions confidently and at speed. But you’ve outgrown
business -in-a-box advice, so who do you talk to? Lawnch.

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When your business needs rapid-response insights that come from experience, not theory, we’re who you talk to.

The Lawnch team are lawyers, yes, but we’ve grown and exited businesses of our own, and we’ve been on the team for hundreds more businesses that have scaled to greater and greater heights.

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Business Sales &

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A business purchase or sale can be a stressful endeavour, which lawyers are known to complicate. Our lawyers know that you need practical guidance and support.

Employee Share &
Option Plans

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Do certain employees hold the key to the success of your business? We provide valuable insights on not only what actions to take but equally important, what actions to avoid when structuring employee equity.


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A well-drafted commercial contract goes beyond being a mere document; it serves as the linchpin for clarity and understanding, vital components for nurturing a strong and mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

Crowd Sourced

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Crowd sourced funding is a great avenue for well branded businesses to leverage their client base. Not sure if this is the best method to raise capital? We can help.


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If you get an off the shelf Shareholders’ Agreement, you’re almost guaranteed to have issues. Our lawyers will work with you on scenario modelling to facilitate both company and shareholder protections.

Research & Development (R&D) Advisory

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Not sure if you might be able to benefit from the Federal Government’s Research and Development Tax Incentive? Our team can undertake a review and offer guidance.


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We get boards, because we’re on them, and run them. Let us lawnch your advisory board or board of directors, whilst ensuring the company’s best interests are protected.


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Our team of lawyers understand the power of branding and the value of intellectual property. From trade marks to licensing, we work to ensure your rights are protected.

Start-ups &

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Not sure where to start with raising capital, corporate structuring, protection of IP or with bringing on an investor? We do - let us guide you on lawnching your business.


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There is a very long list of federal, state and local government grants and incentives available to businesses. Let us help you to navigate the opportunities open to you.


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A form of debt commonly used in early-stage capital raising, our lawyers will ensure your convertible note aligns with both your long term strategy and investor expectations.


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Our lawyers can recommend an ideal structure based on your type of business, the number of owners, capital requirements, tax implications, and the desired level of liability protection.

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