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When your business needs rapid-response insights that come from experience, not theory, we’re who you talk to.

The Lawnch team are lawyers and advisors, yes, but we’ve grown and exited businesses of our own, and we’ve been on the team for hundreds more businesses that have scaled to greater and greater heights.

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why choose lawnch

It turns out clients love working with lawyers with a no-rubbish, client-first philosophy.

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Clients really appreciate legal advice that’s run through a commercial lens first. A commercial approach means we don’t recommend it unless your business needs it.

And when you do need something, we don’t wait for you to stumble across it. We’ll be there first, suggesting it.

The Lawnch Difference

Traditional professional services firm

Waits for you to tell them what to do

Slow to respond

Poor communicators

Forget the ‘service’ component of ‘customer service’

Provide documents that you don’t understand and hence can’t implement

Prepare agreements and documents that hold little to no practical value

Stiff and formal

The Lawnch way

  • Flips the traditional model on its head – by working with you proactively to help you identify what you don’t know
  • Responsiveness – we’re so quick to respond, we’ll be waiting on you
  • Active communicators – who move at the speed you set
  • Customer service – is at the forefront of everything we do
  • Workshop documents with you – so that you understand the implications
  • Align agreements and documents with your strategic goals – for both now and in the future
  • Vibrant and energetic – no suits and frowns here!

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